Custom Design

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We know, you’re an individual and you want your jewelry to really show who you are. Whilst we have a great selection of bridal jewelry,  we also offer custom design to take your ideas and bring them into the real world.

Our talented jewelers can work with you to create a custom, one-of-a-kind piece for any occasion, whether it is a ring, pendant, brooch, earrings or anything else. We want your creativity to inspire ours, and together we can make something unique and beautiful.

We design and create in-house, meaning that unlike many stores, we don’t send our business to other jewelers to do. We ensure you get exactly what you want by producing your jewelry ourselves, with our “bench-jeweler” craftsmen meaning we can properly control quality.

Simply come-by the store and we’ll have a chat, figure-out what you want to create and make your dreams come true.